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Why Choose My Ramen Box?

We believe that food is more than just a fuel. It’s history, it’s culture, it’s all those memories…

For this reason, we source only the most authentic East Asian Ramen, and deliver them straight to your doorstep, so you can connect with the soul of each culture from the comfort of your home!

We invite you on a journey - unlock a whole new world of unique flavors and sensations with a personalized ramen box every month and add some spice to the mundane!

Authentic Flavor

Every bite will transport you to the most authentic noodle places all over East Asia, just as if you were slurping your worries away right in a cozy diner. The difference? No need for a long flight - get that authentic experience right at your own home!

Hassle-Free Meal

Forget the lengthy process! While you focus on being awesome, we assemble a personalized monthly box for you and deliver it straight to your doorstep. Get your chopsticks ready - your noodles will be ready in no time!

Exciting Quest

Pack your bags and... get to the kitchen! New spices or unexpected flavor combinations - what are we cooking today, chef? Eat it at home, bring it to work or share with friends - your day just got a ton more exciting!